Basic Portrait Lighting 101 Techniques

© 2010 J. Scott Kelly / Island Images

This workshop will cover the basic principles of studio lighting and exposure metering with a flash meter. The focus for this workshop will be for the lighting of portraiture, and a live model will be used to help in demonstrating these principles. We will cover the use of one studio strobe-quality of light, bare lighting, reflected lighting, and diffused lighting. The workshop will also cover mixed use of lighting with natural light and strobe lighting.

4 hr. 4-person (s) $65.00 ($250.00 Half Day min)

Once we have covered the basics of single studio lighting, we will incorporate the use of additional lights to illuminate our subject.

*(A pre-requisite for this workshop would be The Fundamentals of Photography Workshop or a good understanding of aperture and shutter speed.)

Reservations are now being taken for this and other photographic workshops. Call Island Images Professional Photography Studio, Inc. at (772) 643-6994, (561) 339-4129 or visit our workshop site @ or the studio @ for more information.