With all the brands and models of cameras in the market today, there are common threads to the use of these cameras.  In this workshop we will help you to understand what they mean to your particular camera and when and how to use those functions.

In this workshop we will explore the basics of you camera from Point and Shoot cameras with the most common shooting modes then explore the preset scene modes found in some of the more sophisticated models.


The "Fundamentals of Photography 101" is a basic workshop on manual camera operation and the basics of "Taking Better Pictures".  

Whether you're using a sophisticated point & shoot camera or a Digital SLR, just trying to take a decent picture or figure out the manual and the incredible list of features these new cameras have is sometimes a daunting task. But, the fundamentals haven't changed since the 'old' film days and if you're interested in learning the fundamental basics, brushing-up or reacquiring those skills, this workshop is for you!

 The workshop will cover basic manual camera operation, aperture and shutter speeds, depth of field, stop action vs. slow motion, lens choices, exposure and metering, digital formats and storage, basic photography gadgets, composition, framing and boundaries, angle of view, texture, and photography genres.

WORKFLOW~From Camera To Computer
Photo Organization and Simple Editing Programs

So, your family snapshots album is getting out of hand, or you just came back from vacation with 500 photos, now what? Organizing photographs for the present and future involves a few basic workflow habits that are easy to establish and can be customized to your own style. Workflow involves a process from capturing and saving your photos, the selection of the best images, to the final printing or uploading of finished pictures. This three (3) hour workshop is an introduction to help establish a smart and repeatable image processing and file management workflow.

The workshop is oriented to Windows based computers and presents simple tools and lessons learned from the pro's about how to establish good habits in workflow management. This workshop details using simple windows based programs and tools to manage and manipulate files for file management, editing, backing up, and printing or emailing and uploading to online galleries. Freeware such as Picasa 3 and Gimp along with more advanced software such as Adobe® Elements®, Lightroom®, or Photoshop® are introduced but are not covered in any detail.